Wire Transfer Information

Wire Transfer Information

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Transfer funds quickly, easily and securely with our wire transfer service. You can send money from your Education First Credit Union account to another financial institution anywhere in the United States. 

Wires are processed during regular business hours until 4:00 p.m. EST, excluding Saturdays and federal holidays. We do not currently offer outgoing international wire services.

How do you request a wire transfer?

To arrange an outgoing wire, visit one of our branch locations or give us a call during business hours.

How do I wire funds to my Education First Credit Union account?   

To send a wire to your account at Education First Credit Union, you will need the Wire Transfer Instructions below.  You will also need your Education First Credit Union account number and account information, such as name and address. 

Wire Transfer Instructions

What To Know Before You Wire Money – Beware of Wire Scams

Wire Transfer Fees:

Wire Transfer: Incoming-Domestic $20.00 / Transfer

Wire Transfer: Outgoing-Domestic $20.00 / Transfer

Wire Transfer: Incoming-International $40.00 / Transfer

Wire Transfer: Outgoing-International Service Not Available