What are the Benefits of Joining a Credit Union?

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As a member of Education First, you are uniquely positioned to manage your finances and watch your money grow on the best possible terms. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits you can enjoy as a member.

1. Highly personalized service

Credit unions are well known for the highly personalized and attentive service they provide to members.  When you step through the door of Education First, you know you’ll always be welcomed by familiar faces, warm smiles and friendly greetings. There are Team Members who know you or your financial situation—and who treat you like family. No matter your age or stage, our Team Members are happy to guide you through any monetary challenge and assist you in reaching your financial goals. At Education First, our outstanding member service means we’re personally invested in your financial well-being and only want to see your success.  We host financial education seminars for our members and the larger community throughout the year, enabling you to broaden your money knowledge and to learn how to make smarter financial choices.

2. Increased value for your money

As a not-for-profit cooperative, your credit union has modest overhead and marketing expenses. Education First, is proud to pass these savings on to you in the form of low or no account fees, better loan terms and higher dividend payments on your savings.  At Education First, we don’t have to answer to outside investors. This enables us to be more attuned to your needs without worrying about increasing our own worth. Our not-for-profit status frees us to offer you optimal terms on Share Certificates, Savings Accounts and more.

3. A voice in how the credit union operates

As mentioned, your credit union does not need to answer to stockholders. Instead, Education First is member-owned, operating with only your best interests in mind. As a full-fledged member of Education First, you have a voice in how your credit union runs. You are invited to cast your ballot in our elections in which we vote on a volunteer board of directors. The board is then charged with oversight of the credit union and forming all official decisions regarding the way the credit union operates. Our board is comprised of members of the credit union, just like you. This means the decisions they make will always be advantageous to our membership and to the general community instead of trying to pander to outside stockholders. We’re all about doing what’s best for our members.

4. A chance to give back to the community

We’re strong believers in giving back to the community. We support many community initiatives and organizations, and we are committed to making decisions that benefit the entire community. When you choose Education First, you’re choosing to give back to the community, too. As a member of the Credit Union, you are entitled to enjoy all of these benefits and so much more. Whatever your particular needs are, we’re here to help you manage your finances every step of the way. Call, click, or stop by one of our branches today to learn how to make your membership work for you in the best way possible.