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Education First Credit Union received funding through a grant from the Ohio Credit Union Foundation to bring you Banzai – a premier financial and life literacy curriculum.

Education First Credit Union has partnered with Banzai to bring clear, in-depth activities and information to help you dive into the financial topics you care most about. There are articles, calculators, courses, and exclusive Banzai Coaches — interactive tools that guide you through your personal finances.

With Banzai, you can anticipate your expenses and manage your income with the budget calculator to safeguard your finances.



Banzai For Members & Community

Banzai for Educators

Connections Lead To Success

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Education First Credit Union is bringing its three popular courses, Banzai Junior, Banzai Teen, and Banzai Plus, to your home or business at no cost. Banzai is a free, interactive tool which guides you through various financial topics and scenarios and digs deeper into how you can manage your money in smart and savvy ways. Get started today!

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Banzai online financial literacy is for students of all ages. It’s interactive and fun.    Over 40,000 math, business, family and consumer science teachers have joined
the program nationwide. Banzai aligns with Ohio’s Curriculum Standards*.
We offer cutting-edge software, interactive classroom materials, and professional presentations—no lesson prep is needed. Grading is automatic.

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* Please consult the Ohio Department of Education’s  Financial Literacy Standards and Model Curriculum for complete details on Ohio’s financial literacy graduation requirements.

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