Meet Norm

Member since 1956

“The story I always tell about the Credit Union is the story of when my son was born,” says Norm who joined Education First in 1956 as a young Columbus Public school teacher at the recommendation of his mother-in-law, the school secretary.

In 1959, his son Brett was born with severe jaundice and in need of an exchange blood transfusion. “In those days, a Columbus teacher’s insurance didn’t cover newborns. Brett had to be taken to Children’s Hospital where he was given two blood exchange transfusions.”

When it was time for the baby’s release, it was also time to pay.

“$500,” says Norm.

He called the Credit Union. “C’mon over,” he was told by Education First’s founder Herb Williams. Even though it was after regular banking hours, Norm was given the $500 loan and took his baby son home that day.

A former Principal of Alpine Elementary on the northside of Columbus, Norm has purchased 22 cars over the years, all financed with loans from Education First. From his 1954 Buick back in ’56, to his current Honda Fit. He has also co-signed many car loans for his children.

“What I like about the Credit Union is that it’s always convenient and more affordable than a bank.”